Naturaleza Farm - organically grown fresh produce.
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Naturaleza Farm - organically grown fresh produce.

Locating Our Produce

We naturally grow a variety of produce at Naturaleza Farm free of chemicals and synthetic fertilisers for ourselves, selling any surplus.


Garlic Storage Tips

By understanding and respecting garlics lifecycle we can extend its shelf life in storage. Garlic is a living breathing organism unlike most vegetables we consume. The cloves lay dormant until ideal growing conditions present themselves in autumn annually.  


Mary Valley Garlic

Naturaleza Farm ethically produces 2 varieties of Mary Valley Gourmet Garlic beneath our frosty winter paddocks and sunny Queensland skies. Italian Red is an early maturing Artichoke variety available from mid September each year. Our family heirloom Giant Elephant or Russian variety matures later with availability from early December. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee long term purchasing availability of each variety annually as its dependent on demand which also includes local cooperatives, farmers markets and fruiterers. It’s important to understand that garlic is a seasonal vegetable maturing for sale only once per year. We encourage you to sign up to our newsletter where we inform recipients when Mary Valley Gourmet Garlic becomes available and when bulbs are running low so you don’t miss out. 

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Italian Red Garlic

Available From: 30-09-2017

Unfortunately unavailable in 2016 due to uncharacteristic and frequent winter/spring rainfall


Giant Elephant Garlic

Available From: 30-09-2017

5Kg Lots available December to April unless sold out. Our Giant or Elephant Garlic is a family heirloom, having been first planted by our late grandfather in the 1950’s. Elephant true to its name is about twice the size of all other garlic bulbs typically weighing 100 to 200 grams each with 3 to 5 yellowish cloves. It’s giant mild tasting cloves are easily peeled, possessing a sharp onion like edge and a distinctive aftertaste.


Black Umami (Black Garlic)

Available From: 19-01-2017

Our Black Garlic recipe is nearly perfected. Coming Soon :-)


Local Garlic Availability

Garlic is grown as an annual vegetable maturing for sale once per year. Australia's garlic season begins here in the sub tropics in September, then extends southwards through the mainland down to late varieties harvested in late Summer to early Autumn in Tasmania.